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You can quickly set it up in your home, as the metal brackets are sturdy and fasten over any door.It may be a bit challenging knowing where to find a good neck traction device.

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You need to understand which type is best for you and how to safely use each device.Headache and Neck Pain Relief Product: Dakota Neck Traction Wedge.

The difference is that you use a hand pump that is like the one a nurse uses to take your blood pressure to inflate them.The Dakota Neck Traction device is an active therapy to restore neck curves in patients who have suffered a loss of curve due to injury or chronic poor posture.The Head Neck Spine Cervical Traction device is a simple yet effective device that can help to lower back pains and other dysfunctions.The Air Cervical Neck Traction Device device is a genius, FDA Approved neck pain relief brace pillow which is simple and safe to use.

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If you have neck pain, get a towel and a rope and make your own.

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Deluxe Saunders Neck Traction offers physio-therapeutic cervical traction for both home and clinical settings.One of the most encouraging things about the device is that, the theory and technology behind ChiSoft Neck traction device are sound, and this device is in no way intended to be a magic pill.True Back traction device is a convenient home back stretching device.

This compact and portable back traction device is one of the most comfortable ways to do back traction at home.

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One of the most helpful neck pain treatments is cervical traction (with Neck Traction Device ).

This chiropractic traction device has patented neck wedge design combines rotating neck wedges with knobs to allow lateral adjustment for the most comfortable home cervical traction treatment available.Neck Traction Comforter Soft - NT5B-M (With Magnet) Easily adjustable home cervical traction therapy device with effortless pump and neck cushion.

Home neck traction neck cervical traction unit kit over door home device spinal decompression orthopedic physical therapy overhead spinal decompression at home.The 30 suspension points present in the center rails will support the body weight and create pressure on muscles present on each spine is your discount source for premium home traction therapy devices.

The device needs a fixed point (door) and ratchet system for user-controlled tension.I wanted to thank you for getting this traction unit in the hands of those suffering from neck injuries as it has truly been a life saver for me.The popular neck decompression (traction) devices by ChiroSoft, Dr.This way, you will easily identify a good neck traction device.This Cervical Traction is designed to maintain the natural curve and alignment of the neck.

This DIY neck traction device will use the weight of your head to stretch out your neck and relieve the pressure on your vertebrae.I have been using the ComforTrac traction unit for nearly two years now and I am very appreciative of this medical device as it has worked wonders for me.