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Dogs love them, they have been around forever and anyone that is a serious dog owner knows this.These chew toys are made from pure beef and are not only safe for all dogs, but offer a number of benefits.These treats are natural and safe and a rich source of both protein and taurine.My one dog is allergic to beef so she cannot chew conventional rawhide.These USDA inspected Beef Pizzles comes individually wrapped for easy stoarge and are also great for traveling.

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These chews are baked, with no added ingredients, to be completely natural, high protein chew treats.During the manufacturing process, the bully stick may be stretched or braided to make it suitable for.

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The word is used today to signify the penis of an animal, chiefly in Australia and New Zealand.

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Smokehouse Beef Tendon Pizzle Stix are sure to satisfy even picky eaters.

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In Jamaica, a soup made of Beef Pizzle is thought to increase sexual instincts.

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Dogs love the taste and texture, and parents love their long-lasting, natural source of protein they provide.

We strongly recommend all pets are supervised and fresh drinking water should be available to them at all times.They should be used as a form of affection after your dog has successfully achieved a balanced state of mind through exercise and discipline.Cut by hand, slow roasted for over two days in natural beef juices, then smoked to perfection, these 100% natural beef sticks will have your dog howling for more.

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Beef pizzle is almost exclusively eaten by dogs in the form of long-lasting chewing treats, often as an alternative to rawhide chews.

Beef Pizzle used as chewing gum for therapeutic approach for the dogs.The ones I buy are beef but apparently the buffalo bully sticks are called pizzle sticks but they come from the same part of the body.

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Bully sticks are one of the only fully digestible chew treats on the market.Pizzle is an all natural muscle and is very similar to single ingredient products like beef tendon straps or other dog jerkies.

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In the U.S., beef pizzle is commonly added to chew toys for dogs and is sometimes a component to specialty glues.

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Bull pizzle and the rest of those terms are all used to refer to the same, super popular treat for canines: Bully sticks.Bully sticks, also known as beef pizzles, pizzle sticks, beef sticks, steer stix, are made from 100% bull penises.

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Bully sticks, also known as pizzle sticks, are an increasingly popular treat for dog owners.

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Barkworthies All-Natural Pork Pizzle is a single-ingredient chew sourced from high quality pork.

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Bully sticks are hard and chewy, and are also known as beef pizzles, pizzle sticks, beef sticks, or steer stix.Some other cultures, however, consider pizzle from cattle and other animals to be.

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Other names for bully sticks include pizzle sticks, steer sticks and beef sticks.

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Pizzle - definition of pizzle by The Free Dictionary