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Get Shinier Hair Using An At-Home Dye The latest at-home dyes can transform your haircolor from lackluster to positively lustrous.Matrix SoColor is excellent for grey coverage and their shades tend to be vibrant and long-lasting, making it a great option for colorists that do a lot of red hair color.

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The transparent part of the hair, or medulla, takes up the extra space and acts much like a fiber optic tube, bending light through one side of the hair and refracting it out the other side.I am happy with my natural hair color, but I wanted to boost my shine.Apple cider vinegar removes clumpy residue and gunk in hair from product buildup.Free of ammonia, parabens, resorcinol, PPD, phthalates and gluten.

Plus, it washes out after a few weeks as long as you stay close to your current color.Splat is a semi-permanent hair dye that is said to last long when applied correctly and taken good care of.Bronze hair color is the shiniest hue of both light and dark browns.

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I was checking out the Wanda Sykes show and noticed how cute her hair is.

Made popular by the supermodel Gisele, this style uses messy waves and cute sun-kissed strands that seem so fit for the ultimate beach babe.

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If you have lighter hair color, this means your strands are very porous.Growing up in India, my sister and I were forced to have hair oil massaged into our scalps and hair at least once a week.

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Use a frizz-taming shampoo (which smooths the cuticle layer of the hair) to prep tresses, then follow up with the OUAI Treatment Masque.

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Try Photoshop before coloring you hair to see how it looks or just for fun.This easy tutorial shows you how t change hair color to blond, black, brow and even multi colored streaks.

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Cold temperatures, dry air and lots of wind can all be very damaging to the health and appearance of our locks.As a hair and beauty journalist, Alex is committed to equipping readers with all there is to know about the latest trends, tips, and tricks in order to make sure you get your next haircut, color, or style just right.Restoring Gray Hair To Its True Color Without Dye (Hairprint Review) Heather 260 Comments This post contains affiliate links.

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